A Day In The Life

A Behind the Scenes in the life of a New Entrepreneur

This week calls for a celebration. It’s Global Entrepreneurship Week, and whether you’re a new business or a seasoned one, take time to revel in the fact that you’re doing something that requires incredible courage.

And for that reason alone, we thought it’d be an opportune time to walk you through a “day in the life” of an entrepreneur, and bust some myths along the way.

6:00AM: Day Starts

*Asks “what clothes should be worn?” Looks at fancy clothes, pans back to yoga pants, triple checks calendar for any important meetings, a light frustration ensues  (ugh why isn’t this phone syncing with the computer?) Fancy clothes for the day.

7:00AM: Coffee & Breakfast

*Dressed and ready to go. Does a little dance, because there’s not a line for the Keurig. Talks to self  “Ha, not in my house, Ken. You will not drink all of the dark roast today...or any day henceforth.”

7:30AM: Traffic Calls & Car Party

*Talks to mom, grandmother and sister. Car party to Milli Vanilli, Qveen Herby and Prince

8:30AM: Arrival at collaborative work space
*Checks list of upcoming tasks for the day, a huge gulp is taken, daily affirmations spoken out loud, re-energized and ready for the tasks at hand

9:00AM: Client Tasks

*Personalized strategy, implementation, engagement, repeat

1:00PM: Lunch

*Starving, thinks about client meeting in half an hour. Asks question to self, “what will provide the most sustenance - scratch that - what will make my stomach not rumble at my client meeting?” Looks at mini cheez-it packet and a nutri grain bar. Cheez-its for the win. Gum, immediately following.

1:30PM: Client Meeting

*Talks strategy, produces quantitative results, laughs, jokes, remembers why the respective business was started in the first place, gets a warm fuzzy feeling - is this happiness?

3:00PM: Arrival at Public Library

*Seeks favorite spot, it’s taken. Words are uttered underneath breath. Finds another spot. Reaches for a pen and finds a leftover breakfast bar, SCORE! Continues client work.

8:00PM: Headed Home

*Car party, checks text from 6AM onward (working on this one), thinks about tasks for respective business. Internally debates on going to the grocery, or eating a bowl of cereal.

8:30PM: Arrives Home

*Bowl of cereal is immediately made and eaten. Brief conversation with loved ones. Sits at dining room table and starts to work on respective business. Begins to put things together, is oddly giddy - is this excitement, or was too much coffee had throughout the day? Learns more about “running a business.”

3:00AM: Bedtime

*Somewhere between excitement and passion, time slipped away. Wonders if this will ever pay off? Daily affirmations spoken out loud. Text read from Mom: “I love you and I am so proud of you. You’re the greatest accomplishment of my life.” Smiles, laughs, cries - ask self “what is going on here?” Realizes there are 3 hours until the the next day starts, takes a nap.

6:00AM: Day Starts

*Stayed up way too late. Reminds self to put on makeup. Wholeheartedly believes: “while I’m not awake, my face will be.”

To family and close friends. Thank you for being patient. As you can see, entrepreneurship is not easy. Sometimes we’ll get a little long winded “talking business,” but please understand that this is our life. We’ve invested lots of time, energy and money into seeing our passion through.

We’re still human, we still feel, we listen, and we promise we’re trying thrice as hard to maintain a healthy work / life balance. It doesn’t always happen, but we’ll get there, promise.

And for those who step up to the entrepreneurship challenge - you’re saying to the world - “I have the courage to be completely vulnerable, to put myself ‘out there’ because I believe that I / we offer something great, that no one else can.

And. You. Do.

As always be Notably, you.