For the Love of Chances

For the Love of Chances

In all of our content creation and holiday perusing, we came across this little gem. “Ring the Alarm” <to be said in Beyonce’s voice>! April 23rd is National Take A Chance Day. It got us thinking. Why is there only one day dedicated to “taking a chance?” We get it, opportunities come in all sizes. But don’t we take chances each day? Especially for all of the badass business women we know, isn’t this something that’s inherent?

So what does taking a chance mean to you? From mustering up the courage for a first date, to having difficult conversations or even exploring the unknown. We as social beings take chances everyday. Even writing this is a chance that’s worth taking. In hopes that for the love of chances, a word or two may resonate.

Currently our biggest chance is an educational entrepreneurship program entitled Notably, Her. Notably, Her is a legacy meant to foster learning opportunities between women in business and girls grades, 10-12. It’s a biggin’ and the program has been two years in the making. And if you’re fluent in opportunity cost, then you empathize when we constantly ask ourselves: “Is. This. Worth. It?” A necessity for entrepreneurs when the bottom line is determined by measuring the ROI. How and what will you determine to be a success for your business?  

One thing we know, you’ve gotta start somewhere. More than likely that begins with a “chance.” We’re convinced that the word “Entrepreneur” is fancy for a “Professional Risk-Taker.” We like that. In the great words of Michael Jordan, “We can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But we can not accept not trying.”

That chance you’ve been thinking about taking, do it. Then let us know. And…

As always be Notably, you!