I Was Here

I Was Here

Welcome to the Gray Corner, a blog about entrepreneurship, youth in education, community and creative disruption. Aja Price here. Founder and Lead Strategist of Notably Gray.

Lover of nostalgic hip hop, red wine enthusiast and advocate of all things related to women in business and youth in education. As a grown adult, I often find myself entertaining the question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Is it socially okay to say, I don’t really know? Even at the age of 30?

It was not until one particular family vacation  in New Orleans, that I recount experiencing many great firsts.  I was surrounded by business professionals who were confident, knowledgeable, powerful, and passionate. They were women. Stunned that these individuals  looked like me, and heartbroken knowing my time with them would be short lived.

As a child, I was stricken with blissful ignorance, but I knew then, that I wanted to be those women. I grew up, I did and I am. However, perhaps the greatest gift was not the experience itself, but rather the women who helped get me there. And that has made all the difference.

Currently I’m sticking to social media strategy. Becoming an entrepreneur was hands down one of the most difficult opportunities I have ever pursued. I wasn’t entirely sure what the journey would look like but I knew several things. I liked writing conversational copy, I had a knack for connecting with people and I delivered. For me, taking chances is inherent.

I knew in building Notably Gray, that I would never sell. Instead, I promised myself and my audience several things. I would share. Share experiences, insight and value on what my team and I have learned about connecting on social media. We do things a little different. What better way to educate than to show? No, we’re not a personal brand. We’re just really good at connecting...the way social media was meant to be. In an industry that’s incredibly noisy, we decided to stand out, by giving.

Notably Gray is a social media marketing company. It is the tool or catalyst of our “why.” And our “why,” well...that’s supporting women in business and youth in education, always. Because we believe that’s what makes all the difference. It certainly has with us…

As always be Notably, you!