What's in a Message?

Marketing is saying the same thing over and over. Beyond that, if you haven’t already read Donald Miller’s book “Building A Story Brand,” well, there’s no easy way to put this - you’re missing out. Our hope for you by the end of this read is to generate a sense of #FOMO, Fear. Of. Missing. Out. Good news, we’ll go ahead and spoil a few of our favorite overarching themes, that has literally made all the difference in our messaging.

Dearest goal-getter, we see you. From side hustle to full time passion, this book lays the foundation for clarifying a message that is notably you. And not in a sappy way either. Let’s take 2.5 seconds for some tough nuggets. Passion alone does not sell. Passion combined with strategy and a familiarity of your audience will take you far, my friend.

Step back and imagine your life as one giant story. Think about all of the experiences you have had - the good, the bad, and the just plain rotten evil. Next, soak in those moments in which there’s a light, that somehow, someway pulls you back together and gets you back on track. Do you remember those who influenced you along your journey to success?

Now, take that same idea and apply it to everyone in the world. They are the characters or your audience. And with all good stories, these characters have some type of dilemma or problem. They need you. You my friend are the hero. You’re the one who has a unique solution to solving their problem. And this becomes your message.

Can you say, snackable? This is incredible content that only satisfies, but is so good, you just can’t help but to share. So, when thinking about your message, what is that problem that only you can solve. By you, I mean your brand. If you can figure this much out, along with some market research (snooze-town, I know - but incredibly important), then you’re onto something. Ok, so how’s that #FOMO? We’ll let you get to the reading...let us know what you think about it.

As always be Notably, you!