Whip Your Marketing Into Shape

The other day I had lunch with a potential client. Conversation was good. It was fluent, intriguing and down right candid. I knew immediately this was the making of a strong partnership. And not because the client had purchased lunch, (however big bonus points) but rather their ability to be completely vulnerable. 

It was clear they had worked with many digital marketing companies, which unfortunately yielded the same result, nothing. No data to refer back to, no leads, nothing. Just a big invoice with nothing to show for it. A part of me was intimidated. Wondering and playing out all of the things I could possibly share to put their mind at ease. Nothing came to mind initially, so I kept listening. 

And when it was finally time to wrap up, I wanted to share with the client the message I had received. Because the message that resonated with me, could be summed into what I like to call, the one big domino. One big factor that if changed, could have saved the client time, money, and a major headache. 

I asked one very important question. Did you outline the objective of the campaign? Or simply put, was there a roadmap that outlined what you hoped to gain, and how you were going to get there? At the very core, a clear roadmap brings clarity and a plan, that turns those “hopes” into reality.  Their response, “well I don’t know. No one has ever asked, and I didn’t think that was important.”

BINGO, this was that thing. The thing that I knew would set Notably Gray apart from all the rest. We believe that our success is derived from our client’s success. Saying this, we will not and can not possibly engage in any type of traffic campaigns when the foundation is not at its very best. Seems simple, but a large oversight by many marketers and those excited “to get the ball rolling.”

This is two fold. From a marketers’ perspective, what in the southern sweet tea would compel you to take client funds and start paid traffic campaigns when the foundation is not properly set? Not only does it hurt the client, but it’s a direct representation of your brands’ character.

For any potential client who happens to snag this read, know several things. The first being, I’m certainly glad you’re here. The second, ask the right questions of those you entrust your brand to. Keep them accountable. And yes, I know that you may not be familiar with the proper terminology, so below you’ll find a checklist of things my team and I look for before we even begin to work with a brand. 


Objective: What do you hope to gain?

Audience: Who is your ideal audience?

Problem / Solution: What are you offering?


Facebook: (Business Profile)

-Largest Objective: Verify your page (Gray Checkmark / Blue Checkmark)

-Complete: About, Story, Number, Location, 

Instagram: (Business Profile)

-Largest Objective: Keywords in Bio & Headline

Pinterest: (Business Profile)

-Beef up your board, use those keywords

-Use keywords in your bio

This is a start. And yes, compared to our previous write up’s, this may seem a bit bland. Reframe it, friend. Sometimes the most basic of things, bring the most clarity. For a list of complete optimization tools you need before you go spending all of that money, check out our Basic A.F. Social Media Guide. And back to our spit fire selves. 

As always be Notably, you!

BTW: Image cred / The Russell Nashville